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Returned Mail Solutions

Did you know that 80% of the value of your returned mail comes from 20% of your customer accounts? There is significant value in returned mail and even more value if you can resolve it promptly. We at Incoho have the experience and expertise to make that happen. But don’t wait! The benefits of prompt and efficient processing are obvious:

  • Efficient processing will lead to increased receivable yields (bad debt reduction)
  • Undeliverable statements can negatively impact your revenue collection efforts
  • The negative impact to your bottom line can be staggering


Cash Flow Focused: At Incoho we recognize that the real value in successfully delivering returned mail is being able to unlock the cash presently tied up. This is made possible by compressing processing cycle times thereby minimizing a negative impact on your bottom line.

Project Approach: We place an emphasis not only on providing our clients with updated addresses but by bringing a project approach through which we can:

  • identify value with the associated volume
  • provide root-cause analysis and performance measurement reporting
  • uncover opportunities to improve the process on an ongoing basis

Experience: Our experience has given us a proven method for recognizing the value locked up in returned mail, identifying the constraints that really impact processing returned mail, and understanding the costs and implications associated with not working the returned mail

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Client Example

Large electric and natural gas utility serving 2.1 million customers

Before Incoho

  • 24,000 pieces of returned mail (1% of total customer base)
  • 18,000 unique accounts (25% duplicates)
  • Value: $6.4 million
  • Collection efforts focused on reducing volume on a wholesale basis without prioritization
  • Lack of systematic approach leading to aging of accounts and low collection yields

After Incoho’s tailored return mail process

  • 15,900 decrease in returned mail volume (66%) in the first 8 months
  • $3 million decrease in returned mail value (47%) in the first 8 months
  • Successful pilot and on-going collaboration with client has helped refine a process to leverage proprietary databases, CIS information and mapping software resulting in significant volume and value improvements
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