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Incoho is a leading provider of commercial collections, B2B demand generation and research work. Operating since 2001, Incoho is headquartered in Chicago, IL, and is committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients by using the full potential of our resources. The Incoho Advantage is rooted in our commitment to superior customer service. With best-in-class technology and a highly trained team of outsourcing professionals, Incoho partners with clients to deliver customized services that integrate with and support their unique business processes.

Our clients benefit from the efficiency of a two-tiered labor force, which provides them with the lowest possible labor costs for routine procedures matched with highly skilled expertise for more difficult, higher priority work. The well-organized combination of our assets results in a uniquely integrated and flexible system that adapts specifically to our clients business objectives and delivers directly to their needs, while maintaining an unwavering dedication to exemplary customer service.

"The most impressive thing about Incoho is the customer service they deliver; every communication ends with Incoho asking 'Is there anything we could be doing better?'."

- Greg King, WilTel Communications LLC

“The Incoho collection approach plugged seamlessly into our existing company processes and immediately had a positive impact on our cash flow.”

- Arun, CFO, Radiology Industry

“Working with Incoho has been my best experience with offshore resources, hands down. The account management team has created an atmosphere that feels like they are a true member of my operations organization and are consistently looking for ways to improve and grow our relationship. My favorite part about our working relationship is their flexibility on task assignment and quick turnaround time with little instruction or training time while seeing no difference in quality of work compared to my in-house team with formal training and supervision. Productivity has done nothing but improve since I’ve partnered with this great company.”

- David, VP Operations, eCommerce Distribution Intelligence

“We have been working with Incoho for three years. When we first launched our partnership, our business needs were much smaller and we had a lot to learn. Their knowledge and guidance has helped us improve and grow our program year after year. Incoho is an excellent partner, their efficiency and accuracy is remarkable and they’ve always delivered to deadline. Most impressive is their outstanding customer service.”

- Dyanne, Program Director, Education eCommerce

“Incoho’s telemarketing specialists have helped us effectively close deals in a market segment that previously required a door-to-door campaign. Their team really delivers.”

- John, Collections Service Provider

“Simply put, Incoho provided a cost-effective solution to gathering and entering research we required from multiple sources on the internet.”

- Jeron, Founder, Venture Capital Data Provider

At Incoho, our business goal is to enhance your success by increasing your bottom line, creating a stress-free work environment, and providing you with the valuable time you need to run your business. By contacting us, you are tapping into an exceptional team of professionals with all the latest resources needed to do the job. Your client relationships will be handled proficiently, with care and respect, to ensure your growing success. Put Incoho to work for you: contact us today and watch your business grow.