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Poorly managed outstanding accounts receivable can debilitate the efficiency of any company, negatively impacting the bottom line, customer relations, working capital, and productivity. Even the best efforts of a company to collect on its own behalf can strain external relationships with customers and suppliers while diverting important internal resources from creating value.

Not surprisingly, most North American companies prefer to outsource debt collection, thereby accessing the most current technology and methodology to resolve balances while allowing their own company to focus on their core competencies. A growing trend is to tightly integrate accounts receivable service providers as soon as invoices are generated so that best practices are utilized from the outset to maximize collection yield.

As a result, more companies are turning to Incoho for their outsourced debt collection and accounts receivable management services. Incoho's unique model allows us to achieve maximum collection yield while minimizing costs.

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The Incoho Advantage is rooted in our commitment to superior effectiveness, efficiency and experience while maintaining excellent customer service.

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The Incoho Advantage

Superior Performance
Efficient debt collection management, with a focus on client objectives, is the core of the Incoho specialized collection approach: Solution Collecting. This process is designed to accelerate cash flow and deliver maximum receivable yields while maintaining overall positive business results. It entails a micro-managed workforce specialized in dispute resolution and relationship building.

Cost Efficiency
Incoho is a full-service commercial collection agency that consistently delivers exceptional customer service to maximize your profit and help you run your business efficiently. We are the first and most successful agency to establish collection solutions from the Philippines. We combine this with our collection team in the US to leverage an effective two-tier cost system, allowing us to apply appropriate resources to different parts of each portfolio. With this superior model, Incoho is able to provide a level of net return that our competitors have failed to match.

Customer Service Focus
We know that your clients are your livelihood. That is why one of the key tenets of Solution Collecting. is to recognize the value of your customer relationships and thus to focus on keeping all contact amicable while ensuring effective communication and action in order to expedite the collection process. This process has proven to keep customer complaints to an absolute minimum.

Incoho completes both first and third party commercial collection work. We can complete projects either on a fee for service basis or on an FTE/month basis. Contingency fees vary by age and/or size of debt. Quotes available upon request.

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"The Incoho collection approach plugged seamlessly into our existing company processes and immediately had a positive impact on our cash flow."
- Arun Jethani, CFO, The Radiology Group

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