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Our Management Team

North America


Anthony Woods
President and CEO

Anthony is a debt collection specialist whose track record includes three years with Mercer Management Consulting, where he focused on working capital. At Mercer his accomplishments included managing the joint interest collection department of one of the world's largest oil and gas companies, and reducing that customer's accounts receivable balance from $170 million to $50 million. Most recently, Anthony was one of the key start up team members of Keen, Inc., a Silicon Valley Internet success story.

Anthony graduated from Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada with a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

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Dino Lacambra
VP Operations PH

Dino has a solid experience working with several service oriented companies. Prior to Incoho, he spent 7 years with RCBC Bankard, a major player in the credit card industry in the Philippines. Dino was actively involved in a lot of negotiations with the debtors and clients being a Consumer Collection Specialist and as a Sales Officer for the bank's MasterCard, JCB and Visa. His duties and responsibilities included managing accounts receivable portfolio from 30-day past due to write-off and improving credit risk policies. As a Sales Officer, Dino was responsible for formulation and implementation of various sales programs which targeted a wide array of markets including various business organizations, corporations and conglomerates.

Dino holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a Marketing Major from De La Salle.

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Alex Chapman
Operations Manager

Alex is a call center specialist, with direct experience in all forms of collections. Formerly working for the largest collection company in the world, NCO. Alex has worked on many successful contracts including Capital One, Bank One and Columbia House. With success on taking calls, and as a team lead, Alex brings not only collection skills, but a superior customer service oriented background.

Alex has a Bachelor degree in Social Science from the University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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Richard Parohinog
Operations Manager

Richard is a specialist in call center administration and operations, assigned a diversity of leadership functions which included the call center operations of the country's largest utility institution, a call center food delivery operations for a number of food-chain franchises, the manpower management of several call-operation facilities from the country's two leading medical institutions, a print and copy company, and a world renowned resort.

A graduate of De La Salle University, Richard has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English.

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Lani dela Cruz
Manager - Research Group

Lani joined Incoho in 2002 as a pioneer member for one of the company’s collection group assigned to handle a US based telecommunications company and with her exemplary work-ethics and attention to detail, she has since then been assigned various commercial to consumer collections projects.  When Incoho Inc. ventured into the Research and Data entry program in 2004, Lani was immediately assigned as the lead person to spearhead the new service offer, providing solid market research and consulting to pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. A known multi-tasker, Lani has also been entrusted to assist or oversee the company's recruitment requirements on occasions where the need arises. 

Lani is a graduate of The University of the East, Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center. She is a Physical Therapist by profession, who has successfully found a career in the corporate BPO industry.

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