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Research/Data Services Done Right

Important information comes in a wide variety of formats these days and capturing every piece of it is critical both for profitability and customer retention. Transformation of these data from the variety of sources (internet research, dictation, voicemails, telephone, websites, fax, and manual forms) into a functional format is a repetitive, time-consuming task. This task is critical to the success of your business, yet it can be profitably outsourced to a reliable, economical provider.

Incoho's team of specialists is a highly trained team of internet research agents - able to probe and gather information from multiple sources. The team can also scribe from almost any source of data such as faxes, forms, and photos, and transform them into your preferred format. They can then either be input directly into your database via the web, or sent to you as a flat file. It is the end use of the data which drives value to your company, not the transformation of it. So let Incoho release this value for you.

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We can provide your company with:
  • Data entry services
  • Internet research and information gathering
  • Order entry from different sources
  • Faxed information transcription
  • Data entry/clean up into a variety of platforms (Salesforce, Goldmine, Peoplesoft, internal systems, etc)
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